Digital Marketing Brief: Apple, Facebook, Cookies, and More

Catch up on what SEOs, SEMs, and Social gurus are chattering about, including: iOS 14 Privacy Updates, Facebook vs. Australia, the Death of the Cookie, and Clubhouse.

Why are Apple and Facebook Fighting? 🍎

Apple announced a slew of privacy-based iOS 14 updates that will have a major impact on conversion tracking on Facebook and other advertising channels.


It is very likely that all mobile operating systems (including Android) will offer users more privacy options in the future (See more on that from The Verge here). Preparing your digital conversion ecosystem for the change is a good thing to start considering so you can make sure your ads and digital efforts are not as heavily impacted by these changes.


The Internet Shifts to a “Cookie-less World” 🍪

Cookies have long been the way that marketers track the success of their efforts online, but they’ve also raised their fair share of critiques and privacy questions, which has led some (see Apple’s changes above) to introduce new steps to limit Cookies on their platforms. Google is also moving forward on their version of a “cookie-less future.”


Your marketing and ads teams should already be considering how a “cookie-less future” could impact reporting on your advertising’s efficacy. It is hard to say exactly what changes you should be making right now, but any way that you can move your marketing away from a reliance on third-party cookies is advised.


Why are Facebook and Australia Fighting? 🦘

(Basically, Mark Zuckerberg likes picking fights, but he is not alone on this one.)

In an effort to help their news publishers, the Australian government proposed a new legal code that would allow Australian news publishers to charge tech companies to use their content in search and news feeds.


Unless you are a news publisher in Australia, the immediate impact will likely be small. What this means for the open internet model that most companies are used to operating within, and how the advertising ecosystem may be affected is up for debate.


Why are all the kids talking about some Clubhouse? 🏠 🤔

The latest new-new in social media apps allows for audio chat rooms where people can congregate, chat or just listen in. It has also been invite-only, and the exclusive nature of the app has helped to spur its popularity.


It is still difficult to get an invite to join Clubhouse, and it is still exclusive to iOS, but if you are one of the lucky chosen few, Clubhouse can be an excellent space to establish yourself as an expert in your field and build up brand recognition and trust for your business. However, Clubhouse has yet to add paid advertising or any monetized structures to their app. Because of their early success, it looks like they will be facing increased competition from some big players so it may be best to wait and see before jumping in.


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